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Waterscapes, tratamiento de aguas residuales ISBN: 9788425218866
Editorial: GILI
Tema: Arte
Formato: 15 x 21
Idioma: Español - Inglés
Páginas: 192
Waterscapes, tratamiento de aguas residuales
Hélène Izembart, Bertrand Le Boudec

$ 1065.00
Although modern wastewater treatment plants are able to treat such pollution their techniques are not applicable to small municipalities, and especially not to private houses. Through precise analysis of thirty examples of wastewater treatment plants located in different European countries and in the USA, the authors demonstrate the benefits of using water plants in the treatment of wastewater for all kinds of typologies and communities. The different examples are analysed from a functional angle and as an important element of consideration when planning landscape.
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